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Let kids be kids


Grief has opened it’s yawning door to me this last week. Sixteen years later you wouldn’t think that the pain of saying good-bye to your son would sting  as much. Seeing the articles and hearing about the Gosnell trial and the bombings in Boston have set me on a rocky path of sadness. I was sobbing one night and my oldest wondered why. Do I tell him? I don’t want my kids to ever have to know about the tragedies, the horrors, the incredibly atrocious things that are going on in this world. I want to shield them.

Then again, they are going to learn about some of those things from their friends, or they will endure hardship and need to process it. There is no way to shield them from everything. I believe we need to let our kids be kids and not show them too much too early but we also need to prepare them to process those events which may occur to them or in the world around them. I stopped lying to myself and my son a long time ago when I found myself saying “It’ll be ok.” when he was experiencing something that he didn’t think was ok at all. It was then I realized I need to prepare my kids in an appropriate and godly fashion for hardship that will inevitably come.

I am now homeschooling our 11-year-old because of some of the effects of our society and how it has impacted his world and made school unsafe for him. This morning we discussed the Gosnell trial and what it is all about. We discussed abortion, women who face difficult decisions about unexpected pregnancies, serial killers, adoption, love, forgiveness…we covered a bit. In fact, because we are homeschooling, I ended it by saying “Well, I think we about covered the ‘health’ topic for the day.”

I firmly believe that we should not let kids start seeing violent images, whether on TV or on video games/computers for a good long time. Too many people think that it’s just fine to allow kids to play 10+ games at five years old or Teen or Mature games at 10 years old. Numerous people allow their babies and toddlers to watch R rated movies with them, exposing them early to sex, violence and offensive language.

Then we all wonder why bullying is increasing instead of decreasing, with all the Anti-bullying campaigns. We scratch our heads when a five-year-old cusses out his Kindergarten teacher or pushes older kids down. We stand stupefied when our “Just don’t do it” rings hollow in the ears of a preteen who is trying out drugs. We don’t even blink that everyone thinks promiscuous sex is “normal”.

I am finding out that even if I keep my kids away from seeing age-inappropriate things, everyone else (or it seems like it) is exposing their little ones to it. My kids hear all about it on the school ground and then try using swears with me. Uh uh. My kid wonders why everyone else can play Call of D*ty when all their peers are doing it. My kids are the ones who have been pushed around the playground because they are being taught at home to be KIND and to be kind even when people are unlikable.

There is nothing I am saying that hasn’t been said before. If “everyone” knows this stuff then why aren’t more people changing the way they do things? Even very secular studies and programs are telling us what I have just said.

As a believer in Jesus, I want to live as he lived. He was the most humble, gentle, loving and pure person/God that has ever existed (the Only One, actually). I can never be all that he was on this earth, but I can become more like him. I am also teaching my kids about Him too. I hope that they will embrace his grace and then share with others around them. I believe this is the Only way that change will actually happen.

I want you all to know that I fail miserably as a mom, at times, so I am trying not to sit in the seat of judgement but instead call us all to action. The action to love and to teach our children what is good and right. You don’t have to be a follower of Jesus to get that, although I would say that it’s a very amazing thing, to follow him.

Everyone else thinks I’m crazy. Well, everyone except for all the other crazy people who know the Truth.

I wish we could let kids be kids.


Has readily available Abortion led to this? Do you really know what’s going on?

Warning – this post deals with sensitive subject matter and may contain graphic descriptions that should bother all who read. My opinion is obviously still just my opinion, but the facts ARE the facts.

I was listening to the radio, in my family van, without the kids today when this radio program came on. I was left bereft and sobbing by the end.

Whether you are Pro-life, Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion, Pro-killing babies for being concieved at the wrong time, whatever, these cold hard facts are ones that should make us turn cold with fear for our future. It should cause us to weep. Admittedly Charles Adler is Pro-Choice, though it sounds like he’s still trying to figure it out. With the media barely covering this horrific crime story, I stand in respect for this man to air it. Major media is ignoring this ongoing and huge trial because it is discussing things none of them want to eiscuss. How did our society get here? Where news items THIS big are covered up? They don’t want to rock the abortion boat.

We need to be discussing this amongst ourselves not just ignoring it and hoping it’s not really real. It needs to go from “just a story ” to “Can this actually be happening in our country?” Yes it is.

The following article is a transcript from today’s show with Charles Adler.

“hen I did my tour of duty in the U-S back in the nineties,  I heard some
criminologists say  that the most effective way to reduce crime in poor
communities is to give women as much access to abortion as possible, any
kind of abortion at any point in the pregnancy. Fewer births will mean fewer
 potential criminals. Is that another reason why there has been so much
silence over the slaughter of these little lambs. Do we know how many been
killed? Most of the documentation in Kermit Gosnell Clinics has been
destroyed and I can assure you that other clinics like this have also
shredded the paper in much the same way that they shredded human life.
Before I leave this alone, let me return for a moment to the Grand Jury

“Among the relatively few cases that could be specifically documented, one
was Baby Boy A. His 17-year-old mother was almost 30 weeks pregnant — seven
 and a half months — when labour was induced. An employee estimated his
birth weight as approaching six pounds. He was breathing and moving when
Gosnell severed his spine and put the body in a plastic shoebox for
disposal. The doctor joked that this baby was so big he could “walk me to
the bus stop.” Another, Baby Boy B, whose body was found at the clinic
frozen in a one-gallon spring-water bottle, was at least 28 weeks of
 gestational age when he was killed. Baby C was moving and breathing for 20
minutes before an assistant came in and cut the spinal cord, just the way
she had seen Gosnell do it so many times. And these were not even the worst

Question:  Do we believe this hasn’t been going in dozens of  other clinics.
 You don’t have to read the grand jury testimony that I have been pouring
through this past weekend to know in your heart  that this has been going on
for more than 40 years. And if you find this disturbing, it means you’re
still a human being. For decades now people have asked the question, “When
does Human life begin? And there are biological answers, physiological
answers, and  theological answers. I don’t pretend to know when human life
begins. But I know where it ends. It ends when we stop being jarred by the
scenes of baby feet in Kermit Gosnell’s jars.” Charles Adler

A thought-provoking piece, one which not only disturbed me but horrified me. I know that there is evil in this world. I know that there are evil acts being done to other human beings, but I find myself comfortable in my world not to think about it. Not to let it get to me.

I held my dying son. He was born at 26 weeks gestation, and he was most certainly human. Living, barely, but still a precious, tiny soul that felt pain and in the last hours, knew his parents love because we brought him close, told him of our love and then said good-bye.

To think of someone delivering a baby like that and cutting its head off after they are breathing and cutting feet from other babies and storing them in jars…well, that makes Mr. Gosnell a horrific serial killer and a mass murderer. He also killed low-income mothers who should have been treated with the same dignity as their babies should have received. Not the butchery. Not the killing.

Maybe it strikes a chord in me because my “babies” were conceived in women who were not expecting the pregnancy at that point.Our society was telling their birth moms to kill them, they are an inconvenience. You have no money so kill your babies. BUT THEY DIDN”T and my kids are alive and well and I love them deeply and hug them tighter because they escaped society’s pressure for their birth or first mothers to end what was inconvenient. I have so much respect for women (and men) who instead value the life they have created and let it live. Let it be loved.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the injustice of children being born to people who should never be parents. Oh how I’ve seen that in the last five years. Parents who have children for some unknown reason and ignore their children. Their “babies” become an inconvenience  so they leave them to the evils and wiles of the world. In the streets they become less than they should be because of parental indifference. I’m not sure what is the biggest crime?

Even so. Even SO. Life is valuable at every stage. LIFE. There is nothing like life, no matter the conditions it was created in (and I know there are some huge situations that are infrequent but still tragic) the children have value whether it is at 11 weeks gestation or at 11 years old.

You hold value. Oh, Lord, how you have value. The One who made us is waiting and wanting for all to come to him. To stop carrying our burdens of sin and come to him. He values YOUR Life.

Oh Lord, stop the killing. The needless killing of babies. In your most powerful Name STOP the KILLING and torturing (and you can read court doc’s to tell you this is true) of babies. It is happening more than in just this one place. It’s happening all over the place. Late term abortions make sure that babies (or they are supposed to) are not completely born before their spines are severed or beheaded. If the babies feet obstruct the way, they cut them off. Get them out-of-the-way. But the babies are still alive. They are dismembering babies limb by limb alive. Late-term abortions are torture and murder.

People, can you believe that we are cutting babies ALIVE while they are in the birth canal in our country? In YOURS?

God bring this nation to you. We want love to reign here and justice. Lord protect those wee ones whose parents are just wanting to not have to think of this pregnancy as a complications. It’s an easy fix. For the baby, let’s think of other options. Let’s see if we can find those babies homes that can love and care for them.

I have four blessings who did not go to the “chopping block” and for that I am thankful.

Jesus, thank-you for my children. They are precious. thank you.