About the “butterfly”

Emerging from the Chrysalis is one frought with struggle for the beautiful butterfly. It’s once catepillar state, so round and fuzzy and unassuming built itself a sturdy, dark, quiet place where inside a transformation was about to take place. I feel I am that caterpillar. My journey has been frought with struggle, tragedy, dark places and yet the hope that remains within me for a greater transforamtion. Well, that hope is Jesus. I pray that through the time in the chrysalis I will emerge that the metaphorical butterfly. Ready to soar on God’s breeze.

I am excited and a little frightened all at once. I am blessed to be mom to four little wonders. I am wife to a man who is my best friend, love of my life and who loves God with his big ol’ heart.


Caterpillar (Photo credit: Bulldog Pottery)

I try and keep my heart pliable to the Holy Spirit but sometimes let my humanness creep up. I love to laugh, cook, bake, read, sing, avoid exercising and coffee is my gasoline.

I used to blog about my family in a different place, but I decided to change things up a bit. I am seeking direction with what to write about here on my new home on the interweb. There are so many areas that I love to share about. Raising children, adoption, parenting children with Sensory Processing Disorder, having a child with Aspergers, being married to a pastor, chronic illness, how to lead a deep and meaningful life…oh, the list goes on.

There are things I would like to get better at like gardening, composting, managing money, living a simple life, organization, homeschooling, following God with all my heart, soul and mind…

I would love to interact with you, dear readers. Feel free to comment and leave your mark here on this blog.


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