THAT time of the year

Where winter collides with the strong arms of the prairie.Where the dog days of summer surely hadn’t existed at all. Where we all want to hibernate in our warm dwelling just a few minutes longer while dawn waves an icy hand to the moon.

In my brain, summer never really happened. Really. I have one memory of it. One. Snaggletoothed memory. It was a lovely, lonely day. Someone paid attention to me and took me for a walk. Lovely!Oh wait, another memory is emerging. and another. I guess summer must have existed for 3 days give or take, because that’s what I’ve got.

My memory isn’t what it used to be but neither is it worse than it’s been.

The other day I had a few elusive breaths of “normalcy” where my world seemed to tilt and shift into what I felt was “normal”. It was breathtaking and oh so short. I wished it would hold on for a few moments but then it was back. The “fog”

I hope yhose moments cvome back. That would be cool.




One response to “THAT time of the year

  1. Marcy, you share so from the heart in this wonderful post of yours. Really helps us to know where things are at for you. Richest blessings on you and yours as you continue to navigate this journey.

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