I have sat to blog often but my brain does not cooperate with my fingers. I used to be able to type like the wind but I find my fingers ploddingly clumsy and I get frustrated between letter punching. So I peek out of my chrysalis just long enough to see that the world hasn’t changed a whole lot since peeking out a while back and I go back to the grinding and knock-kneed journey my fingers must make across the keyboard on the way to a freshly pressed blog post.

So, pull out a cup of hot tea and tell me how you are doing. I’m curious. Like a cat sniffing below the supper table, I am wondering at the stories your lives are making.

My story hasn’t changed much and you know what? For that I am mostly grateful. I still have cancer, I still have four energetic and rather impetuous children who make me laugh. I still trip over imaginary objects. I still have a back ache. After all that and I tend to think I lead a boring life. But I don’t, not really.

As does the hair ball stuck to my sock, so my story takes turns and twists that keep me dizzy. A few weeks back I found myself at the hospital with pain my Dr wanted to figure out. they admitted me and ran a CAT scan. Oh how I dislike IV’s and machines that make loud clackety clacks while I am trying to take a CAT nap. I have “hard poke’ veins that make even seasoned veteerans run crying from the room. Seen it happen. The ER Dr. thought he saw swelling and ordered me to take decsamethasone. Its a nasty steroid that makes me swell all over my body and has rendered me helpless to care for myself. Ironically it takeeees the swelling off my brain, which is good. I did not want to be on it again. The next two days saw me in an MRI which showed no swelling and no new growth ! We were very happy with those results. Since my headache improved so drastically with the med they kept me on it. It will be in shott bursts that will hopefuly keep the nasty side effects to a minimum.

This medicine was also responsible for some wild hallucinations on my birthday. Not the fun type hallucinations either. “Happy birthday to me….I’m as crazy as can be….la la la”

Some day I’ll tell you about it….in my book. that I’m writing….one day soon…..really!


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