big dreams, big prayers

Here I am! I’m not gone yet and I’m as hopeful as ever. I’ve been praying big drayers and if you are patient enough and if I’m brave enough, I just may spill on my big prayers. You know, the prayers that you think are too big, too impossible, or just to selfish to be answered. I have approximately 5-10 of them. Truth is, I’m too scared to share just in case the answer is no.  It would out me as a faithless pray-er.

I have been feeling pretty darn good in comparison to a year a go. Goodness, there is just no way to describe how bad it was. Suffice to say, I am alive, I am in less pain and my spirits are good. I have excellent care with a few friends we’ve been able to hire, thanks to a gov’t program that is in place. I’m so thankful for the country we live in.

Bless my church that seem to be genuinely happy to see me lurch into church, when can. I love my church! My whole community is pretty encouraging and helpful whenever I’m out and about. My kids are just blessing my socks off every day.  They also try their best to exasperate the heck outta me but so far can only see how beautiful they are.

I hope this sunset finds you well, my friends.




One response to “big dreams, big prayers

  1. “as hopeful as ever”… SO good to hear! Hope is so important and when it seems too hard, we can count on the hope others have for us. Cheering you on as you walk your journey with the Lord always beside you.

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