I’m home. And home is where my heart has been for the last year. It’s been a tough year but we made it through! We have We have struggled with my hospitalizations, health crises (pulmonary embolism being the most scary apart from the couple of strokes), my torn rotator cuffs. No wonder I struggle with fatigue! and having our youngest diagnosed with ADHD . Rotting teeth due to steroids.My pulmonary embolism was brought on by the negligence of the nursing home staff who didn’t give me blood thinner (9 out of 25 days with only a half dose). then being mistreated in the home was tough. Now I can heal. And I am. From not being able to walk, go to the bathroom or turn in bed by myself a few months ago to being able to do all of that and climb stairs, I’ve  come a long ways, Thanks be to God and my hero husband!I sm on my way to a “normal” life. It will probably never be like it was before, but it sure feels good to function in my home and do ok at it. I’m still not allowed to be by myself for very long so it’s cramping my style a bit but we have some really good help who happen to be friends. my daughter even helps with dressing me and helping me with walking, getting in and out of the car and the kids are all learning how to help around the house a bit more.

God has seen me through some times and at times I suffered with depression and thinking I was going to die right then and there. I am still kickin’ I may be highly medicated but I’m alive and feeling like I just may live.

We are looking forward to holidays in a few weeks which should prove to be interesting to see how I cope with being out of my routine. My next MRI is in July. So I look forward to it, and I don’t.

Thanks to all of you who have wished me well, visited me, and encouraged me. Thanks again to all those who have provided a little extra as our coffers are bare bones.

Apparently I’m not allowed to shop as my brain does not compute what I’m spending. OOPS!



2 responses to “Home

  1. Lorena Richert

    Marcy, I’ve followed your journey from afar. Often prayed for you, and am so delighted to know you are at home. Lovingly remembering a beautiful person. With love, Lorena Richert

  2. This makes me smile so much. Also, that shopping thing should apply to more people than just you (me included at times). Keep fighting the good fight, girl!

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