Wanting to be profound

but found nothing in th profound bucket today. Well, I did find a lack of space-time continuum. Darn matrix time. Still there’re. I cannot nWke up at all aT anY timE oF day without a majorshift . I mean we all get those moments where we feel out of it after sleeping but my brain is skipping hours, days and weeks at a time! It goes beyond weird straight to headache to nausea then back to panic. Praying that my brain rewires itself asap beause it really feels like more than strange and indescribable.it feels like a terrible repeating nightmare where the gsypmtoms are are all the same but the relief is periodic it creates a tension between terror of what pain do I face today. What day is it today. And how long am I living from minute to minute..?the reprerieve is the group of people I stay with and who comfort me



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