I am here but not here if you get my drift.

i zm in bed at the U of A  but with no connection to wifi we’ll see what happens. Written a few weeks ago…

The other day when th Dr ordered me here after seeing suspicious results due eo a possible stroke life kind of ent into wait and see mode. I stayed a very long time in ER waiting for the stroke team to be consulted. Then the resident did his best to get my tests moving along and admittmeted me overnight so that it would all get done by Monday….at least that was the hop. This is to figure out whether we can continue onto radiation safely. They want to Make sure that my heart and lungs aren’t throwing clots into a narrowing they fond in one of my arteries. It could lead to a major stroke. All in all to say they are wanting to have a treatment plan to keep me as safe as possible. It just takes time. 
In the meantime r exhaustion is not my friend and I feel disoriented most of the time. 
When they transfer erred me onto this new floor there was a lady struggling with something that has been causing here to burst out into guttural eagle-like schreaching every 5 minutes for days. She has not been able to stop. This led meTo become even more exhausted and disoriented. 

Thankfully I was let out for a day and it seems to be helping. Please pray for the distressed lady down the hall. It must be hard to be her. 
Hoping for answers tomorrow and more rest. Thanks for all of your support. Unfortunately visits unless family are put on hold until I get more rest. They can be arranged by Richard. 7808473222. Thx. Love to you all!


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