I am not alone

i have sharedThat one of my greatest fears is being left alone to exist and be littltle more than a thankless blob. I believe that God created me to be more…. But what if? I have friends and family that have promised me more. They don’t know how much this inspires and gives me hope. To live a life that matters, well, we all want that, right?  As my brain turns to mush and I lay around more (I have a brain tumor (FYI), I rely more and more for others to help me exist. Thats huge, yo! Does my value depend on the fact that I am alive or that I have an eternal purpose? I have always leaned toward both. I believe people hve inherent value and still have a purpose in existing. Yet, as I et closer to the door of counting on others for my very existence I wonder at which way others lean. I am and may continue to be a “burden” for a while, yet I don’t want to be. I have the faithful that won’t let me. Fade into mere existence. Namely, my Jesus. He sees ME. He sees YOU. That’s a win win either way. 

Still, I ear just a little.

Makes me look around. Who needs to know they matter? Their existence matters? Is there someone that you see right now and reach out to? Every time someone cares to show me, it matters and does wonders for my soul. 

I am not alone (yet feel it unbearably at times) my soul is lifted and hope arises. You matter, you are not alone!!!!


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