What it looks like

What does a day look like to me?

I usually find myself gripped by fear and dread first thing. Then breakfast, so that’s. A great part. I am not sure if the anxiety is a gift from all of the work that’s been done but it is overwhelming when it hits. It hits for many reasons.a simple strange noise outside,a simple change in my day. Not being able to find something. Too much stimulus like the mall. Too many kids in my yard without warning. 

I don know why but it does. Even not having the right meds at the right time. It seems crazy. I rely on everyone else to provide the stability my brain needs but how do you figure in for variables? Hardly can. So many variables throughout the day. 
So now we are busy trying to set up life that has solid non-confusing streamlining. 

My house is going to be streamlined so that everything has a place, a calendar/schedule easily understood. Friends that understand predictability. I have some pretty cool peeps that way. 

I am hoping for a predictable meal/shopping plan, freezer space. It will all take time. 

In the meantime if I look confused I probably am! Making my hose Marcy friendly should be interesting. It’s like trying to figure out how to make a house handicapped friendly but for a brain!! How to do that? I have an OT and friend helping with that but it’s a lot of change which I just told you can be interesting. Pray for patience and adjusting for us all.
Also, pray for my headache and nausea. I need a break and we ARE CUTTING BACK ON MEDS. YAY FOR THAT! Small but big steps


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