i guess as we look into the second half of my treatments as far as radiation goes  and as chemo may or may not change in the next while… We celebrate that we are getting closer to the end of this part of the battle. It hadn’t really struck me that this would mean more testing to see how the battle is actually raging inside of me. I mean,, I’m a warrior and all but I can only seen how hard it’s been thus far. I don’t know truly how the battle is going inside at a cellular level. 

I am amping up my prayers thatGod is,in his grace and mercy, zapping those cancer cells and protecting vulnerable cells and making them strong. That is my heartfelt and ferv rent prayers.  I am doing what I can to give it a fighting chance. The battle of the mind has been the biggest challenge for sure. As we look into the second half of radiation, I know you stand with me as I ask the Creator of the Universe to Heal my broken parts and to face the next days with grace. I am in sore need of rest, again, so I hope that comes. 

I thank God for my support team. My friends who give of their time, home, listening hearts, my ever patient husband who works, travels, is by my side often, my parents who parent my kids and stretch their mature bodies to do things the young should do. Thanks for thedance moms who help-my girls. And soccer moms who help my boys. Thanks to church friends who pray and feed us. Thanks for community members who are ready with wordsofkindness. 

So yes, we head into the next long half of or battle plan and I wonder. WHat is next for or little band of few? It’s been quite a whirlwind so far. 

I’m going to guess I can’t lose too much more hair. 💈


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