When my words don’t flow

I’ve been trying to express myself , abiet, badly for days. My Facebook feed has been filled with what I consider depressing and uninspired words. I have tried to wax creative in description but it all comes out wrong. 

I start to get concerned tat my ability to create a story is going awry as my default veers off to complaining instead. 
All along I wanted this thing to be about the transformation that can point directly to the amazingOne who began this work in me. 

To go back to the beginning of the story seems so very long and tedious, yet necessary to tie present realities together.  There are so many details left untold. So very many. 

Truth is, my brain is tired and I wonder if I’ll ever get it out on time. Maybe it doesn’t matter… 

Right now my brain cells are in a fight to survive and so am I. I only hope to survive and thrive well. At this point I pray it be graciously. I find myself in a puddle of fear , confusion and general misery at 3pm everyday and do not know why. It just happens. These are the many mysteries of my current life, of which we are all trying to adjust to wherever we are. Here’s to more health, less muddled mind and more meaningful times with those I love



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