A day for the books. 

After a spening what I thought was my last sane day on earth, I left the hospital after a week of testing, waiting, crying and intense personal suffering, I didn’t understanthat my very sanity could be stretched so low by the very act of extreme fatigue. The good part was that drs were doing their due diligence. They were looking into all possible reasons I would have had a stroke. And they found it. I am being duly educated and medicated. It just took a really long time. Over a week from being admitted
After my radiologist noticed something last week, he knew that he should investigate via “the stroke team”  @ the U of A, This took place with me and my brain injured self sitting in a prison of sorts trying to “rest”. Resting in the way ofFhaving my brain not be able to process smells (the lady next to me had issues with bodily function control. I couldn’t handle the incredible noise due to very obnoxious visitors, and a woman across the hall who would primally scream unpredictably. Add this to the painful and scary testing, drop in visitors and my mind was a hot mess. I lost it a few times myself. 

I cried out to God and he heard my cry. Friends who deliver friendship with warm milk and my husband who came earlier than expected. . Also the sweet nurse who took me away and calmed me down. 

Then I got the answers today and they let me go! 

I was eager to rest, shower, rest, and…rest. I have not been up to any more than that. Ihave never been this maxed. 

Then tonight…

Tonight was one of those marked in memory. 

A wonderful hot shower called to me. It was glorious….until my hair came out in chunks. No biggie. It was going to happen. Only it happened right on my hope patch. As I brushed , my “hope patch” came off. It’s not gone in my heart, but on my head it’s not as bold. It made me a little sad. Hope is still alive, so am I, and we will fight on  

 through these hellish(at times) weeks.  

So if I haven’t been in contact as much, or can’t visit , please know I love you but my brain is only handling so much at a time. We will connect again. I know we are still connected in our hearts and through prayer. And keep em coming. I am in sore need. 
Love yous all 👪💑👬💏


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