Masters of the Beam

i had a delightful non-surprise today. My boy, j came to see me go under the beam. He got to see my head snapped in, the view from the cameras and get a lesson on what they were doing to my brain. It was super exciting to have him there and it boosted my spirits like crazy! I suspect it was even a little interesting for him. The team of people in that room are absolutely delightful and I like to refer to them as the “Masters of the Beams” I think they secretly like it. In the end someone said “”it’s all perfectly safe” and I replied “maybe not for spider man,  but let’s not start throwing spiders around here. They laughed and said they could get in trouble for that. 

I look forward to the other kids getting their tour next week. We have plans. I may just have to call them my X ~men…


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