Getting ready

like a wrestler going into the arena I feel like I am hyped up by the crowd of cheering people and dressed to defeat my enemy with a freaky mask on my face, tights on my large derrière, and a sparkly bra. Well, you didn’t need to know about the bra and no one cares but it gives an edge to the attitude. Trust me. I am refreshed by the care of my family and time in the sun. and know that my new coach (nurse/friend helper instead of hubby herocare change this week), is in it to win it with me. I am emboldened by the experience of defeating last weeks newness and getting through some of the worst. The comfort of being home was refreshing and confusing all at the same time. The ol’ noggin is taking some time to adjust through the daily life changes that happen. I find myself easily disoriented and confused but determined to work throgh it. It is a lot of work though. I gotta say. A brain is a beautiful thing when it works.

So I chomp at the bit a little to get another leg toward healing on its way. I look forward to seeing my sister and my nephew here, so I hear at the end of this week. I am super excited about my brain party next Saturday. Are you  coming?

At the end of this week I’ll have week 2 of treatment done. I’ll get home to my kids again and sleep in my glorious bed. I had no idea radiation requires that much sleep!

Until then, I know my praying and cheerleading team have my back. As doesthe superhero Dr., the “masters of the Beams” (radiation team), my nursing troops, my kids, my parents,my friends. You have all been the encouragement that keeps me going on.

As long as I get those meds on time life seems doable. When prayers are said for us they are not returned unanswered. They are heard and help and comfort are delivered. 


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