Things I am learning.

these are not profound mind-blowing things but a list of stuff I maybe just didn’t know or hadn’t admitted to myself yet.

1. I know I was emotional to a degree before but now I’m super emotional. To the point I think it may be detrimental. I’ve always been empathetic and now it’s just nutty.

2. Those that know me know that I can be, well, social. I love to visit. I miss it. It gives me energy. What I am learning is that it is highly draining too. I just can’t do as much as I want because it makes me sicker and that stinks. I have to be so careful of my output. I go between the need to oblige and not be rude to realizing I must heed my body’s warning. That means I may be saying no more to my lovely friends and it hurts. 

3. Saying “I can do this” really does work. I’ve said it a lot this week. 

4. I’m going gray. I admit it. I call it sparkles. It’s groovy that way. Plus I have a Mohawk so it looks like I’m trying to deny my true age. Not trueI have wild leggings for that.and acid wash pants.

5. Well, that’s about all I’ve learned. Just kidding! I’m sure there is more but my memory ain’t what it used to be. 


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