Silly things that will make me cry or ..ways that I will cry for no apparent reason

*look at myself in the mirror in the morning.Yup it’s that easy

*trying to figure out a new device under pressure. Like where did all the symbols go and how do I get italics?.

*where did I det the tea I just made?

*Losing richard in a store because he turned the aisle

*Richard telling,me After me crying  and geting snotty that “,who wouldn’t want to be married to this vision of loveliness?” In a sweet and funny way that sent me into simultaneous laughs snorts and sobs. I had just told him how lucky I was to have him and he said that he was just as lucky and blurted out “WHY???” Which spiralled into a ver fitting burst of maniacal laughter\crying jag

*spilling water in a bathroom. I know, pointless. 

Sky ping my kids…who wouldn’t?

Watching the minions happy song…need I say more?

My emotional centre of my brain is just keeping two beady eyes out to cause me to run crying throgh a mall. It is not going to be pretty but it might be entertaining. I preface it by saying I’ll be wearing loud leggings and a crazy hat. You’ve been warned


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