hello nurse!

If my husband was a nurse you would not be able to keep the ladies away. Really. H has been rocking this nursing his own wife thing. It looks like a hard job. every pain I have a groan for. Every time I’m overwhelmed or confused there is a grunt or sound that escapes me. He has come to know what means what. Like A mama learning her baby’s cues he’s learning the cues to the brain injured woman that he’s been married to for 22 yrs. He’s a keeper. He also knows how to give “that ” look which means don’t mess with me and take those meds. He’s GOOD! He knows how and when I need a rub and keeps track of my insane number of pills. So far ivetried to buck the system only a couple of times but it did work out for me. Good thing too.

A comforting hand on my arm a well placed hair joke and an endless suply of being able to deal with my never-ending questions. This guy is committed and this, my people is what marriage can be at the hardest part of the vows. I only hope that if it were me I could be as much of a blessing


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