this morning I woke up feeling an enormous amount of emotion for no apparent reason.i was crying inconsolably as my family went to church. I hung out in bed with breakfast just wishing I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t scared just lonely. Like they don’t make their very best effort to keep me company. As I wandered in to my kitchen for tea I was positive I heard someone in the basement. It was one of those getting out of a couch sounds. I called down to see if my oldest had been left home with me. No one answered.i heard a few more Mysterious movement sounds and called out again. Nothing. The cat screeched at the door and I let her in. It wasn’t her. I was getting rattled and wondered if I should investigate myself. Instead I looked out the door to one of our vans and could have sworn I saw my hubby out there. I got on my cell and called him right there. He was supposed to be at church. Poor guy. I said “it sounds like someone’s in the basement and I am scared.” He told me he would be right there and hung up. I sobbed at what my mind was telling me. I knew it may be a hallucination but this was way too Dr Suess.

When he flew into the hose and hugged me I knew that my mind had played a delayed April fools joke.

A mean thing for this overcrowded brain to play! so when I got to church I was flustered enough to overturn a friends Easter brunch plate and drop it on the floor. 

what do you say to the question”how are you doing today?” By well meaning friends? 

“Freaked out thanks!”


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