Warriors in the trenches.

today I’ve  seen my warriors rise to the occasion. The ones in the trenches with me. My dad has come to do reflexology which is helping torelax and   heal me. He doesn’t have to but he does. My dear mother in law called and encouraged my heart. My kids chanted “do it!do it!” when they saw that I was having a difficult time taking my chemo pills. My own cheering section. My mom is always busy cleaning up after us and making mealsand that’s no small task. Then there is my good looking nurse that is also my husband. He is handing my fistfuls of meds even when I cry about it. He answers my endless questions which must seem like he’s got a three year old in the house. he rubs my back and is also my pastor when he prays over me. 

Then there are the masses that are standing with me in prayer. Our current prayer is that the hematoma disappears and that my tTumor shrinks into oblivion in an incredible way. My other prayer is that my band of warriors will be strong and courageous. They already have been. Maybe another part to that is that they can have a break and find some fun despite the intensity of life.


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