Staring it down

as I move into the next phase of getting this bad boy out of my head I am feeling a lot of things. One of them is an immense sense of gratitude. 

I have s en all sorts of awesome from all kinds of places. I 

Can’t even name them all. Today I can say I have the best people on my team. 

This week my mom has sat with me and given me pep talks at just the right time. Telling me things I needed to hear. 

I’ve had my neurologist listen, really listen and get on things that needed to be done. I’ be had my pharmacy team be available even near shift change and be a comforting source of info. They’ve helped me sort though the confusing world of meds.

My husband has stayed up all night with me as I have groaned in pain and nausea. He rubbed my back and figured out what I could take to make it better. A friend gave me a bag of pjs so I can be comfy and schleppy all the time. My favorite. 

I’ve had people laugh at my lame attempts at jokes. 

I have people willing to sort throgh our tighty whities and sorting the pastor’s skivvies is no joke, Yo! NO JOKE.

My girl still makes me coffee and tea. She’s amazing like that. She hangs out with me and listens to heavy metal. We call it therapy.

I feel like I’m going into this next phase as a team. I will be placing mylife in their hands kind of and it could get intense. But I am so thankful foreach of them. They make my life beautiful. Even in the pain.

5here are those who will be giving me rides, giving my girls rides to dance competitions, giving me my meds at the right times and keeping me on task. There are those who will be keeping me alive and administering care in many ways. I don’t take any of it for granted. Instead I feel incredibly blessed. 


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