Before and after

What has changed? 

~Iused to run a business. Now others help keep it going.

~I could multi task now. Not as much

I could remember the date. Forget it all day long and ask kids what time it is constantly

I could plan meals. NowSeems like a monumental chore to think through and get all th components together. Im was a great cook. Now? Hmmmm. There is potential there

Before- not as many meds. Now~ a handful day and night. Richard is my night nurse

Before used to sing in various ways

Now sing in my room to myself and God

What has stayed the same?

My messy room. My van is a disaster

Want my bedroom reorganized

Not changed. Just planning it has issues.

Writing. I had lots of original blog postideas 

My creativity has taken a dive though the hallucinating may give me some good material

Went to start playing piano again and want to learn ho to hip hop

Would like to find an orchestra to take the kids to. Would be FUN!

~I sill have the 


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