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thdrough my years of blogging I’ve gotten some critique about over sharing. It’s one thing to embarrass myself. I am ok with being self deprecating. I can handle telling embarrassing and quirky stories about myself as long as I don’t bring other people down just for a good laugh. Sometimes it’s been easier than others. When the kids were small I would regularly share cutesy stories because theywere funny and I wanted to record them for future writing the toddler crazydays  helped me gain perspective  and survive those crazy years. We had several special needskids who made life more adventurousso I shared it.Out of that came an online community who supported me In the baby stages of my writing venture.I appreciate the encouragement I got in my early writing years. I learned so much! !ow as I seek to write a book I do not get that immediate feed back that was a great part of early blogging. I must move past the immediate feed back and push through for the long term pay off. In the end I will have a book that is going to be published (my dream) and that will be read by a larger audience.

But here I am blogging again. It excites me and I wonder at how it will all come together in the final chapters. Already I am surrounded by a body of readers who are so very encouraging. 


One response to “Blog fodder

  1. You are on the right track, Marcy. Just keep writing. How many people do you know who can be realistic and transparent about their lives? Your openness is very refreshing. Many people have so much to hide, they don’t know where to begin. They end up fictionalizing their story and even misrepresenting others in the process. My story has been brewing in my head, especially in this new year. I have purchased a new laptop this week and can’t wait to get started. Your family will thank you some day for recording it. I regret not journaling during many spaces in my life.
    I now want to put it to paper, as the Lord gives me strength and seems to have sharpened my memory. Two friends have introduced me to their writing clubs and I’m now going to both of them. Each is very different from the other, but both are helpful and encouraging. You could form a club some day when there’s a bit more time. More power to you, Marcy. It is a way of processing that is very healthy. I pray for you, often.

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