Night times

seem to me like night is the worst time for anxiety to hit. It’s the time where life settles down and gets quiet. Then everything in my body and brain screams for attention. Why do I hurt here? Why is this happening there? Should I wait to pay attention to it tomorrow? Here is my handful of pills…did I take all of them?m what happens if I miss that dose? Oh my the questions I have for myself. I don’t know if you’ve ever struggled with the beast of anxiety but mine has gotten a little over the top recently. So what do you do?i remind myself of the truth. The truth is that God is in control and I can trust him. The t Truthis that I am not in control and can do little to make things different than what they will be. I am trusting and hoping and tomorrow I will wake up and I will laugh at my tryst with anxiety again. It has done me no favours so why do I give it the time of day again and again?  Of course exhaustion is hot a big help and I am there again tonight. I should get some rest. 


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