Big hairy deal!

i did something today that I never pictured myself doing at 44 years old. I got myself a Mohawk. Even at 16 yrs old in the height of the 80’s would I have never considered it. And it was in fashion way back when. I’ve always been on the conservative side, believe it or not.perhaps at 44 and a brain tumour later I have really come to the point that I don’t truly care if people think think I’m weird. I’ve embraced who I have been made to be.if I’m going to lose my hair to cancer I may as well decide how it’s coming off and get a friend or a dozen to do it with me so it’s fun. It really was fun. A friend came with and said I could do with her hair what I wanted. Truly terrifying to be in charge of someone else’s beautiful mane of hair. she was game and we got the sides shaved and tattooed. The one side hangs beautifully off of her shoulder. She is radiant. We had fun. We didn’t let cancer make us sad, instead we let the fun opportunity loose and embraced our middle aged crazy. We made a memory and I’m so glad that we did. Instead of 2 cancer bald looking women we have 2 crazy looking moms who had a great time. I will look at our hair with wonder and smile because what so many find difficult in dealing with cancer (hair loss) we made a way to see joy and fun and it was  blessing to me. It makes this path a lot brighter having friends at the ready to bring joy in various ways. Posting pics later


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