Dusting off the book

I wish I was feeling more clever or more on top of things but the truth is that life is passing in somewhat of a fog. I am passing through the days as a woman stuck in a wad of gum. I have some big aspirations and desires but settle for laying on my bed in a constant state of longing for sleep. Granted I did just have a set of Drs rifle through my grey matter and a few connections may be trying to make their way to each other again, but still. I like the feeling of getting something done and there isn’t much I’ve got to show for all my lazing around. Since I have that writing project laying in the back of my brain attic I think I should go get it and dust it off. I feel like getting that done will sprawl into a fantastic series of events but it doesn’t write itself for some reason. 

I am thrilled when I get a few thoughts on this blog and keep thanking God that he preserved most of my ability to express myself.  still, I need to actually get it out and do it. It will come but I guess procrastination was left there to keep my other thoughts company.


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