I never really related to the desire to be a super hero but as a kid I very much wanted to do something  that mattered. In fact, be involved in doing something that would change the world. I felt like I was born to live out A purpose that was bigger than I could ever be. I felt like I was little Marcy not big or strong enough to. Change  anything. I was somehow off the radar to be a life changer. I was just mme and didn’t mount to much. The higher purpose resounded in my soul but my insignificance was an obstacle my mind didfn’t want to have to work around. thenas I found myself surrounded by a crowd of 10,000 people  at one moment in time God whispered into my heart thT he saw me. I was not insignificant to him and he was about to do something very enexpected that may change some lives. I said “bring it on! I mean what would he do with little ole me?

I was not prepared for what was coming but as I see things that are unexpectedly popping up and telling me I am living my purpose it is exciting!

I don’t know what will happen but I’m ready. Ready to be what he needs me to be. I will not be the superhero in this story. Ther are far too many more that God is calling to be running this with me. A team. I can’t wait to. See what God is really doing here


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