Those little things

i made it through th big scary brain surgery where there were fears of me not making it through and questions if I would still be the same me afterward. Well, here we are and i am alive!  aamI still the ol Marcy? I Thai other didalriaght toatretaian pieces.Go has see. Fitto make me fuNtional for now anD jam thrilled.but where to go from here? Big questions.where am I headed? will I pursue the goals and reams that God is placiang in my heart?If they are wild rreams that ago beyond Just livaing or existing…where does that take us?  Crazy dreams. I like dreaming up these kinda about there plans. 

I Adam looking forward to reamaing reams an a haave it go places we may never hAve imagined. What are your crazy a little dreams?


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