• Here I sm sitting,witing. simply i, its a littlr exciting anda whole lot miraculous. This, from a middle aged lady stuck on the prairies somewhere nrvrt knoeing i she will bre able  to fo ehat she loves th rest of her life. Why would this 
  • /tsrathrt short lady like todo with hrt lfe? Great quesion!!

Previously she loved to hang out with hrt kids teaching  thrm yhr important life lessons she had gotten famialiareiyh futing hrt  lifr time. I you think thy were boring then you havrn’t had fthr opportunity to hdng out wiyh hrt much at all. Sh’d beeb lrtning all about hoe trtminsl illness cab effect s young family, how iy chsnges yhr love of your life into s csregiv. She is also witness  2 witness potential eihin a small community eho had duffrrf much in thr last littlre while. 

hanfling anf hoe strong s small communiycan br when tragedy knoxk it down time anf again. 

/this has been one of horor, tragedy, plot twists and drama. 

Brain surgery wa up on the agenda, /that morning my family was guarded on all sides as we stood side by side some of the closest people to us. brothers, sisters, friends that haave beccomr family. People arounf yhrworld sending messagrs of love and support as they read our story anf are movd. WE have been moved by the love shown to us, It’s incredible! We mqy be dealing with some tough stuff but we sre blessed. Even havin Dr Suess hallucinations could be worse. lol!Gives me a sort of entertaainment to see what this cranium will come with next. 

Tioday handed me a plate of different as my seizures changed. All of thr sudden I wsd s drooling, messy old lsdy who knew indignity of not being in control of my facuties. I did not love it. True. But I had a friend to help which was all manner of comfort to me.  They are working at controlling my meds so that they do not become worse, 

We were dealt anoyhrt blow as we fiund iout a beloved teachers at our school passed away yoday. I have no words, just aa gut ssd reaction for his wife and kids. Big stuff you all. mb4ace the ones you love and take each moment as a gift. 

We continue to embrace that even here. We miss our passle of young uns desperately and hope we can see thrheir beautiful faces SOON.

until next time…Love well and be blessed


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