the brain drain

Some of you may find this a little TMI and that.s ok. You can exit before you read, I’ll never know!

I literally have a drain coming from my brain. It’s tgere to protect me. It will be attacched ti my head until I leave this place. It’s terrufyingly fascinating that they can take cancer out of my head one day and drain fluid the next and everyone it’s all good that I’m seeing Dr.Suess hair grow out of my husband’s head as I halluscinate.FREAKY! Oh snd the Dr also had a parrot with Dr Suess hair. Hallucinating can be the fun part of brain surgery. Who knew? Perhaps Dr /Suess did. 

I am here, one da y post op and i am blogging. Crazy,no? Mitacle YES!

the one hope that I had was that they wouldn’t take my words from me andx here i sit, writing words. Thank you God and thank you drD.fournay  Thanks be to /God who has seeen fit through itt o allow me to write and to also tell you of my vivid post op Dr Suess halluscinations. Its not uncommon, they tell me.

However my funny story comes not from Dr. Suess revival. but from bein placed in a bed next to a man who had ddthesaame name as my beloved Richard.  ///the man in the next bed was making very loud sounds and in an effort to comfort who I thought was my husband, I wweent and poked this poor unsuspecting man in the leg. All rhe while nurses urging me

 hat it was indeed NOt my Richard I was poiking in the legs. It was A Richard, just not MY was funny! 

i hsd to hsve a good hospital story right?

my precious blnketmsde by precious u lsdies hsd to get in this posy, its been keeping me warm and comfortrd the whole time.eme!!


5 responses to “the brain drain

  1. Oh, Wow!!!! Love it!!!! Thank you God!!!!

  2. Way to go Marcy, you still have your quirky sense of humor! I am so grateful that you are doing this well already! Praise Jesus!

  3. hahahaha! I love the funny story, Marcy! I knew you’d come through. 🙂

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