Thinking big

I know I should probably be a bit anxious about having my cranium cracked open and my grey matter moved around tomorrow. I know that I could. 

Instead, it feels like another night in my life. Only one with anticipation. That’s right. Excitement. I am officially weird. Everyone else thinks its a big deal or something. I mean, yes, cancer IS a big deal. My brain is a BIG deal. But I am excited to see what a BIG thing God does. He created the UNIVERSE, people! He is IN Charge. Sure I think about the big scary risks and what could happen, worst case scenario. But I’m READY! I was made for this kind of crazy! 

I was built for THIS. This was going to be my story all along. I’ve been training for this my whole life!! This race, this battle was coming and my Father was prepping me. He was training me but he’s still in charge. He’s got this thing. 

I have no control how this will play out. But I have a super major excitement about opening my eyes and seeing my man there beside me. I am stoked to have tea with my sweet friend all week. I’m pumped to have my brother and my sis in law (but really my friend) stop by on Tues to sing me a song. I am looking forward to hugging my kids again. Oh how I want that to be today….

I am even more wildly anticipating  what God is going to do. Ahhhhhh!! It’s going to be good. 

So, what were you built for? What have you been training for your whole life? You were made for a purpose. Have you been too distracted to see it? Have you been wandering around aimlessly not sure what you are really here for? YOU MATTER A THERE IS A REASON. For everything. 


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