what would be something that would cause you to feel like you are sacrificing? Giving money when you don’t have enough to give but you know someone needs it more? And so you give it anyways. YOu feel too fatigued and headachy to offer a friend with young children a break. But you do it anyways, keep them for hours and the kids have fun and you still feel like crap, but the kids are alive and happy. Perhaps you are old and feel useless and like there is nothing left to give but you go and be a mentor to a young teenager and this teenager starts listening and observing your love of people, God and zest for life at YOUR age. Maybe, you see a young girl, who’s  mom is facing cancer and she has need of a ride to dance recital and while putting your girls AND adding another to an already frantic dance prep for competitions you offer a ride and to do her hair and make up because her mom can’t do it. You don’t have enough gas money but you offer to drive a friend 3 hours and back for a very important medical test. When a family member who is terminal and facing treatments and a long road ahead will interrupt your routine and job significantly, but you decide that a 12 hour drive one way is not too long to go and help with taking care of the children, while their mother is going into serious surgery, because their mental and spiritual health is important to you and you go anywyas, despite being very busy with work and your coffers arent that full. When you decide against your current health status to go and be with your child and travel MILES and spend MONTHS taking care of grandchildren and your “baby girl” eventhough being home would be easier. When you spend time that could have been spent on other busy life to organize a fundraiser for people who will find it hard to meet their bills. When you are in university and you have a lot to do to finish your fourth year semester and yet take a week off to be with your best friend while she is recovering from brain surgery. When your wife is not remembering things as well as she used to so you take over meeting she had a the school, with Drs for the kids, and keep track of the schedules for 6 people even though your schedule is quite alarming. You have a brilliant idea that a family could use a new thing and you take precious time to organize a group into helping that family in this way. You have a creative idea to comfort someone in the hospital so you organize a quilting bee and take time to  find out what this person values and make a quilt that suits her to a T. 

These are only a few of the very things that people have done to sacrifice for our family, for me. There are so many more examples of people sacrificing time, money, energy, emotional energy, spiritual energy, to minister to us. So many other examples. The thing with sacrifice is that is is not actually sacrifice until it’s painful. Where you are pushed out of your usual, your comfort zone. Then that’s sacrifice. If it’s done because you love someone it doesn’t truly doesn’t feel like a sacrifice but an honor. It’s an honor to minister to those you love.But sometimes the sacrifice seems too much doesn’t it? 

We have had to become the receivers. After so many years serving and sacrificing (which was an honor), we find ourselves at the other end of the equation. We have little to give and people are sacrificing to help and make life more wonderful in this crazy time. We feel blessed by others selfless sacrifice. Humbled and blessed. Both the request to sacrifice and to be humbled come from the one we serve. 

Even in my state of neediness, where will I find to be sacrificial even here? I can’t wait to see. out of being served by others comes my desire to go out and meet people where they are. It may not be big things but I hope i notice the opportunity. 

Who is in your life that you need to sacrifice a little something for? an older neighbor who needs a visit. A friendly face. A teen who could use a mentor? A tired mom who could use a break from the endless toddler days? Where are you ready to sacrifice? Are you willing to be the receiver?


2 responses to “sacrifice 

  1. this leaves me raw with emotion. We are the Lord’s inheritance…and we are also each others inheritance…we are blessed to bless, anointed to anoint, served to serve, gifted to give, loved to love, forgiven to forgive…and I could go on…this humbles me, causes me to look more at my life to see opportunity to sacrifice…till it hurts…because then it truly is sacrifice! We love you sweet cuz…and are praying for miracles for you. Receive everything the Lord has for you…as you wait on Him.

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