You, my friends, are an audience of sorts. You see my words and respond so beautifully. You are my cheering section. My posse. I have been so inspired and encouraged by your response.

I hope you don’t think my last two posts were me begging for help. I didn’t want to come across that way. I was just processing all the stuff going in my head. I am so full of hope most days. You all have contributed to that too.

Whether you are from a long distance from myself or just down the street, I have felt your support and love. All of us have.

You have moved me. Moved me away from despair to hope. You encouraging me to keep on, to fight the fight, to keep the faith…it has been profound.

God is using you. You may not feel like you are “doing much” but you are. You are! God has used you to keep the my spirits up when I feel like melting into a puddle of tears.

There are times that I have questions. Doubts. Fears. I know it’s normal.

There are times when YOU have questions, doubts, fears. That’s normal too.

Together we are going to get through this. Different people will play different roles. Not just anyone gets to mess with my brain matter, and I’m sorry but unless you are a neurosurgeon…you aren’t going to help me in there. Ok?

You are already making a difference with your notes, your prayers. your phone calls, the meals, the small talk in the small town.

Thank you my friends…whether in real life or my online peeps. Thank you. You are beautiful!


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  1. We hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day “retreat”. Did you receive my email with Carol Klemke’s offer of a place to stay if you have some or all of the proposed medical intervention in Edmonton? She’s a sweet, dear cousin of your mother and me. Good wishes and thank you for sharing your blog with me.

    • We had a wonderful time and relaxed. Carol fid call my parents with thst wonderful option. We will keep it in mind as we do have friends that are ok with me using a bedroom. They are like family. I just don’t know how long that offer is for. Still figuring things out. Thanks so much!!

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