It’s ok to be awkward

I’ve gone through loss a few times in my life. I’ve seen many go through loss, just being a wife of a pastor. There have been times I didn’t know what to say. Times I said the completely wrong thing. Times someone has said something insensitive.

It’s ok to feel awkward. It’s NORMAL.

I have had some say that they just don’t know what to say. That’s OK!!

One of my dear “neighbors” saw me for the first time in months and said that she was sorry but she just didn’t know how to make that first move. She had lost someone very dear to something very similar….so it was hard. We hugged and it was ok. I have been so busy doing what we’re doing that I haven’t noticed people hiding in their houses. Honestly, it’s winter in Canada…every winter is the same. We all hide until spring comes. Then we all burst out of our houses and into the sunshine. Nothing unusual about that.

So, you feel shy…like not saying the “wrong” thing or just want to run when you see one of us coming.

It gets easier.

I’m not a scary monster. LOL! Ok, so I can be.

If you know me at all, you know that I love being goofy. I like to act like nothing is wrong. Denial. I like it. I can be good at it.

You don’t have to say anything profound or wise. You can just be you. You and me. Whatever we had before is still the same. I’m still the same gal. Tell me I look pretty. Can’t go wrong there 🙂

Sure, there is the big scary thing in my head and an impressive scar if you want to look. I like showing it off. It’s cool.

On the other hand, if you can’t stand the thought of what’s going on in my head, that’s ok. I have a lot of other things going on and so do you. Let’s talk about that.

It’s ok to be awkward and unsure. I’ve been there. It gets easier after the first step. By the way, if you’ve been awkward, I haven’t noticed. Unless you said something.



One response to “It’s ok to be awkward

  1. Mousy…. I don’t think it is denial…. It’s just looking at the situation and realizing you have a choice on how to deal with it… So, you deal with it. Scars are o.k. Having to live with the ones I received in a car accident as a child, other girls were worried about pimples… The pimples will go away… Every day I looked at the scars…. O.K. I earned these suckers… They are mine, harder as a teenager than an adult to deal with it. “In everything give thanks” O.K. God…. this one is a little tougher… Just want yo to know my heart is with you…. You will get through this… Awkward, like the spelling of the word is one of those things that makes us more comfortable to be around, even if it looks a little funny.!

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