Treatment plan, how to help

We don’t have a nailed down treatment plan yet, as of today. We know more than we did yesterday but until we hear what the Cross Cancer has to say, we are somewhat in the dark as to how this may play out.

First, we know that debulking the tumor is risky and yet seems that the professionals think it’s worth the risk. My tumor is in a bad place. It is around some major arteries that could complicate things in a deadly sort of way if surgery is a plan. The drs said they can go around them, but it’s still a risk. Also, major functions are a part of the right temporal lobe. The good news is that my dr wants to do some sort of cool MRI that would locate where some of those functions are in relation to the tumor. They would do an MRI and have me do certain tasks like read or move to locate where my language and motor skills are lighting up.

The Neurosurgeon also said that radiation will be a definite part of the plan. Then the nurse said that Radiation and Chemo are standard. No details about how much or when but that they are standard protocol.

The goal is to extend my life by however many months or years that they can with doing as little damage to my functions as possible. Nothing is guaranteed. Every step would be in the hands of God. Every step with risks. But then, living with a brain tumor is risky business.

I am committed to getting as healthy as I can through diet and exercise before and after treatments and hope to use that as a holistic approach to my healing. I know that everyone has opinions on what they would do, natural remedies that they’ve heard testimonies or experienced themselves. I am planning to see a naturopath who has dealt with cancer but I do not plan on making it the only avenue I take. I want to do this with a balance of conventional and holistic treatments as possible.

There is a lot of risk and many decisions that must be made in the next week to two. Pray for wisdom. Thank you for doing this all along. We have felt peace through much of it. The reality of what we are facing is daunting and has caused some loss of sleep and lots of circles going around in my head.

I look forward to getting into it. Bringing on the fight. I look forward to seeing my dreams at the end of the treatments happen. I know there could be many bumps in the road, many times to exercise deep breathing.Changes of plans…Can’t think of them all. I have dreams for at the end of our treatment plan. I think they are from God. They are exciting dreams. Crazy dreams.

In the meantime, I may need some help. Helping me with you coming to kick my butt out of bed to get some exercise. Help with healthy meals in the midst of treatment. Maybe someone dropping by to juice me a vat of healthy juice. I may need you to work past the grouchy “I don’t want to do this”. and tell me “this is going to help you live longer so get out of bed”. I may need friends to come and read stories while I can’t read or make playlists and stick them in my head. Opportunities for my kids to be distracted and have some fun…Taking my husband out and doing something with the guys…so much.

Who KNOWS? I know I’m going to need some support that will help me survive.  My family will need you all to help them thrive. I love that there are so many that have expressed interest in helping “In any way”. Those are some specific ways. When treatment starts happening we’ll need you as a part of my treatment plan. I feel weird saying that. But I have a friend ready to take on the task of organizing it. If you’re interested in kicking my butt out of bed once a week and getting me out there (walking) then let me know. If you are excited to prepare some meals that I can eat and try out a recipe for me, then let me know. I have some that I want to try. I’m going to be eating much differently.

There are going to be so many opportunities as my parents won’t be here forever. I love them here so much but they have to go home sometime too.

I think I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you better through this. It’s going to get real interesting!

Thank you for being as supportive as you have been. It’s been humbling and amazing!!


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