Cleansing – Jan 2013

Fruit Platter

Fruit Platter (Photo credit: Matthew Kenwrick)

Veggies and fruit, fruit and veggies, then some quinoa and nuts and you have my last five days. Raspberry smoothies have become my favorite sweet treat. YUM!

But all that goodness going in to my system is wreaking a little cleansing on my internal systems. Things are getting a little, um, unmentionable…if you know what I mean.

Yesterday as my insides were rumbling, bubbling and turning over in their sheer shock at all the nutritious food going in, I realized that my physical cleanse reflects what happens when we take a spiritual cleanse. In fact, during this physical cleanse I have also been “working” at cleansing myself spiritually too and gaining new perspective.

For years, I have ignored some major spiritual signs that things were not healthy. Sin that I had stuffed nicely down in the dark places of my being, was eating away at my spiritual health. I kept thinking “I’ll deal with that later. When I’ve got it all together, I’ll get to it then.” I don’t know if I actually put that into conscious thought, but I do everything else like that, so I’m sure, unconsciously, that was my spiritual thinking.

As everyone should know, if you put no effort into your health of any kind, then your health will go nowhere but down. Sure, you can ride the wave for a while but it’s going to come crashing down eventually. Crash, I have.

Our spiritual, mental and physical health is all connected. This is not news. So, why has it taken me so long? Why does it take a crisis in one area to recognize the instability in all areas? Oh how I wish I’d had the motivation earlier. But, there is the kicker. For me, I “needed” the crash. I don’t like to say that at all.

With this much-needed push to do a healthier diet (extreme, I might add) I have been able to see the physical example of what a cleansing looks and feels like. I have never really done this before. Sad, but true.

When we start pouring good things into our body, it starts getting rid of the toxic waste. Getting rid of toxic waste is hard. It makes me squirm.

Another part of it is the preparation for the cleansing. I have to shop, chop, cook, chop some more.


Update Feb.1, 2015 I never did finish this post but it’s a look into my first foray into a healthier eating pattern.


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