Watch out!

While I was in the Recovery room for what seemed like forever, there were a few funny incidents that I wanted to share. Without giving away identities, because I can’t remember their names anyways, I tell you a couple of stories from my view from the bed.

There was an obese man recovering in the room as well, from whatever had befallen him. I never did see him , just heard what the nurses were saying. While attending to him, one of the nurses yelled out “OW!” and muttered some other unintelligible words that were obviously painful exclamations. I don’t know what the nurse did to himself but it sounded like it was no small thing. He continued to do his job and help where needed. At one point another nurse asked if his thumb was turning black or blue yet. He replied no and continued on with his duties.

Imagine, if you will, poles hanging out of the ceiling with prongs directed upwards so that it can hold the IV bags. These poles with prongs are at eye level to those who are taller than I. The suspended IV poles are scattered about the room and obviously attention needs to be paid when walking around. As I was being wheeled out, the same nurse walked into one of the suspended poles and exclaimed again. “OW!!” as he walked right into one of the poles. I told him to take care of himself or he’d be in one of these beds soon enough. I think perhaps we need to take care of our nurses better…or perhaps he should have had more sleep.

Kudos to those out there who look after us in the hospitals. They face all sorts of obstacles and dangers that we take for granted. I appreciated the kindness and humor of the nurses who attended to me. I hope this nurse ended up with eyes and thumbs in tact.


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