I need that like I need another Hole in my Head!

I wanted to blog the other night while I was in the hospital bed, bored out of my mind but I only had one hand and a phone. Next time I make better decisions about what to bring to the hospital.

Let’s Start the night before my biopsy. We stayed at a cheap, and I mean the cheapest place in the city but we paid for it, really. The bed and breakfast was right across the street from the hospital and it says breakfast but we never heard or saw about it. At 4:30am we were awakened by talking and loud music. Must be that the other patrons had not heard about the “bed” part of the deal. I woke up to go to the bathroom and standing right there in the hall was a strange looking man who smiled at me and so I went right back into my room. I roused my man to “protect” me from the  scary loud man with a freaky smile so I could pee. Disaster averted but I couldn’t sleep after that. I was too hungry. Because I was having surgery the whole eating/drinking thing is a no no. I lay there hungry, thirsty and hoping that the day would go smoothly from here on out.

We got up so I could shower and clean my hair in preparation for the brain biopsy. Duly cleaned and blown dry, we made our way to the hospital and to the Stealth MRI that I was supposed to have. They told me it would last about 45 minutes. Before that, they stuck sensors called Fiducials ( fruit loop stickers) all over my head. There was a tall dude with a razor so I didn’t argue when he went at my head with a dry razor. He called himself a resident and I warned him not to shave too much or he’d be in trouble. In reality, I didn’t care if he shaved me bald if he was going to get more accuracy in the imaging. He was a nice dude doing his job.

I was set up in the MRI tube that had a little mirror thingie that I could see out of the tube with. The techs asked if there was some music I would like to listen to and I said anything but country, thanks (no offence). They found me a great Christian Radio Station that came through loud and clear. I fell asleep several times in that tube and apparently 1.5 hours later I was done. It was far less noisy and bouncy than the 2 MRI’s that I had experienced before. Almost like I was getting a massage with music therapy.

We got everything else signed and registered and then we started waiting. In a hall that smelled like coffee. Sweet torture. It was then I knew that I was going to want a coffee when I was done this day. We waited some more in a waiting room where I feel asleep again. No coffee means Naptime for Marcy. I was not anxious, I was at peace.

Several hours later, we were taken downstairs to await the backlog that there had accumulated. If the recovery rooms are full, the OR’s can’t go ahead and my neuro surgeon came to talk to us about that and more.

He sat in front of me and smiled. He said. “We have some good news”. the area that was contrasting from the last MRI did not show the same area of contrast in this current one. There was a measure of improvement from one MRI to another. No contrast means less likely for cancer. This was good news indeed! He explained that we may not get in today because the backlog was quite significant and I have to admit I was panicky at that moment. I had been waiting so long for this day. Psyching myself up for THIS day. The day they’d drill into my skull and take part of the “alien” out. The day they would be one step closer to identifying what has been making life challenging for a while. Closer to knowing what we were fighting. I was not ready to go home. NOPE. Not even if they bribed me with coffee.

When they summoned us, I said good-bye to my knight in shining armor. My main man, the Reverend. I kissed my man goodbye hoping we’d both be in our right minds when we reunited the next time.

The Dr. the Nurses,  the anesthesiologist, and their minions all were hanging out in the OR as if they had time to burn. They told me to get onto the OR table which was only a little hard to jump onto. I am not tall like y’all so stool Please? No? I’ll just jump on, so I did. There was no graceful way to get on the table. I jumped and sat down with a thump. We were off to a great start. The funny guy, anesthesiologist, tried to distract me while he was blowing veins but I could tell what he was doing. I have bruises to prove it. Finally found a good one and told me he was giving me something to relax. Oh I was relaxed, couldn’t he tell? Then the Dr started talking about and pointing to my MRI that was displayed on the screens…blah blah blah…it looked pretty but I was sedated.  At that point, they were still trying to burn time so the recovery rooms were able to clear out. Then I was out of it and didn’t care. Next thing I know I was awake in the OR and it was DONE. The drilling the probing the 30 day Shred…and whatever else they thought they’d make me do in there. I chatted it up with a nurse or two for an hour before a recovery room was available. They were nice but the freezing was wearing off and I wanted a pain killer.

Whew, they raced me to recovery where i had to go to the bathroom worse than I needed a pain killer. They had me on a 100 drip per min IV and it was making me want to find the little girl’s room, ASAP!. Apparently I was recovering quite nicely but they still didn’t trust my walking skills because they brought a commode. Ever used one? In public? Because those curtains are certainly very breezy. Hardest use of a toileting device ever. I got ‘er done though and went back to bed where they gave me a laughably tiny amount of tylenol for the head-splitting headache I was experiencing. I popped down the tylenol and hoped it would work.

The meds did not work so they gave me more meds.

Four trips to the bathroom, three hours and countless pictures later (who left me with my camera phone?) I was wanting to get to a room with quiet and a bathroom and maybe a piece of toast.

I got to my room finally at about 10pm and it was full of people. Four patients, their families and their family’s family. It was quite the party. I wanted quiet but instead I got a room, which was an answer to prayer. I got meds that worked and nurses who worked even harder. I had said good-bye to The Reverend in the recovery room because he had been waiting with me all day with little sleep and he needed to go and find a bed himself. That left me with my phone. so thankful that my people have phones too. I was so thankful for a phone where I could watch movies when I was awake most of the night. Anesthetic seems to agitate my body and I was up for all but 3 hours.

By the next morning I was ready to see my man again and he came with coffee. He’s a keeper!

Before I could be discharged, I needed a CT scan (to make sure there were no bleeds in my brain)  which was scheduled and over by 9:30am. By the time I got back to my room the nurses knew I was leaving that very day. They whisked me through their discharge, caringly.

For all of that waiting and all of the drama, I felt like I was at peace through the whole thing, save the small case of nerves walking into the OR room. God was working through his praying people. You prayed I stayed calm. I was at peace.

I awoke, thankful that I was still in my Marcy mind. It ended up being a day that worked out perfectly. God had a hand in everything. From the extra shaving of my head to the fact I woke up.

Would I want to do that again? Maybe not. There was alot that I leanred that day and so much peace that I know that I could if I had to.

God is like that. Stuff will come but he’s right there beside me, and you.


One response to “I need that like I need another Hole in my Head!

  1. Love your two comments, Marcy. “It ended up being a day that worked” and “There was a lot I learned.” That’s the attitude that’s showing God to all the people you’re encountering as you go through this very strange season. Jesus is smiling, I’m sure.

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