I said I’d never…

And I should know better by now!

I’ve actually said “NEVER!!” a few times in my life and have pretty much always ended up eating my words.

The first “never” I can remember saying is “I will never weigh more than____ lbs”, thinking I’d escape my long line of voluptuous genetics, as a teenager. What did I know? I was wrong. Quite drastically wrong.

Another “never” I remember saying is I will never run a race unless it’s away from a dangerous mountain lion or bear of some sort. I knew that should those scenarios happen, I would be dead meat. Then last summer I ran, in a race. I didn’t do well, mind you, but I ran the 5km. I also didn’t die!!

As I write this post, I am doing another “never” I told myself for many years. I am writing for fun. For FUN!! Landsakes a livin’! What’s going on here? I guess you can change, even if you are in midlife. I’m even attempting to write a book and have several other ideas in mind for writing projects. If I could carve out the time to put my fingers and brain into it I’d have it done by now.

Now here I go and start another “never” I swore I’d never do.

No offence to any independent sales consultants or owners of direct marketing businesses…but I said I’d never do it. While I’ve rocked it out in the retail world, especially if I liked the product, I never wanted to come across as pressuring family or friends to buy something or join an organization just because they knew me. The very nature of this business is connecting first with family and friends. That’s how most everyone gets their start. Being in the ministry also makes this situation a little more awkward. We are in the business of marketing Jesus. Well, you know what I mean. I found that people who were trying to sell me these type of direct marketing-type businesses were pretty much always more enthusiastic about their product/organization then they were their relationship with Jesus. I never want it to seem that I love anything more than I love Jesus. I don’t want to be more enthusiastic about anything than I am about what Jesus has done for us and the love that he has for us. Never.

There. There’s a never I’m going to stick with. If I ever break that one, you are free to tell me and smack me upside the head.

This product and company is different from others that I’ve been introduced to. It’s different because I like it, it’s affordable and it’s a pretty sweet deal as far as investment vs. risk. While I know I will invest more time than money in the beginning, what I paid for the starter package was fully worth it in product that I received. If I happen to not be able to do it for health or whatever reason, I have more than made up for it in product received.

What is it? It’s tea. Steeped Tea. As simple as that. I tried the tea and liked it very much. I attended a few tea parties that were fun and the tea was terrific. I enjoyed it so much that I asked my consultant friend if I could be a consultant too. She tried not to dance in glee but I could tell she was excited.

Just to be totally honest, I wanted the tea at the consultant’s price. Word. I am cheap. Turns out that the company is so amazing that I can’t help but try to sell it. I don’t want to pressure people into buying, ever. But the tea is so good it will sell itself. The company has such high standards and has even been featured on Dragon’s Den. Two of the “Dragons” were so excited about the company that they immediately made offers.

Anyways, here I am selling tea. And I LOVE it. Not as much as Jesus or my family…but I do like it very much. I had my first party last night. Well, it wasn’t my first. I had a training party where my consultant and friend showed me how to do it. Last night was fun even if I forgot most of what I was going to say.

Never say never. I have eaten my words so many times. Have you ever said never then realized you had to change your mind about it? Most of the time it’s a good thing. A growing thing. In my case, it’s a tea thing.

PS. If you want to know how to get the tea and do it through me, then let me know. I will give you my info in a private message.


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