Does God answer prayer?

What do you think?

I used to think that most of my prayers were getting lost somewhere in the atmosphere and scattering about in the wind. I would pray all day long as I went about my activities but never stopped to get on my knees. I would hear of people needing prayer and prayed for them as I went about my day. I have seen many prayers get answered, but in some cases I never found out what happened. There were many of the big “Wow” prayers that I felt weren’t answered in a “Wow” way.

This past year, I’ve been encouraged and taught by spiritually mature friends how to communicate with God. God is not just some being that looks at us every once in a while from his perch on high, fairly disinterested in his creation. He’s not a wish-giver who magically says “Sure” every time we pray. It’s more about the relationship than a “Can you do this for me…now?” thing.

He wants to communicate with us. It’s personal, this relationship. I haven’t taken part of the relationship and truly communicating with my God seriously enough. This past year has been one of growth and insight into prayer.

Challenged to pray in the spirit and specifically, I prayed for a few certain situations the other day. My hands raised in the air as I worshipped the Creator of all, from my bed, I talked with my Friend. It’s amazing that the Creator is mindful of little ol’ me. He’s not only my Creator, but Savior and FRIEND. He is waiting to hear my prayers so he can release his answers. The answers were not always what I thought they would be, but they were always answered. The answers to my prayers are ones that draw me or others into a closer bond with him. He wants to walk with me and I with him.

He desires relationship where we are familiar with him and seek a closer walk. “I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” Ps. 119:11 “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Ps.19:14 These verses have been my prayer for the last week.

There have been specific prayers I have prayed. Some for issues in my children’s lives and some in our own personal lives. I was trusting for God to move and answer as he saw fit. I could imagine several things happening or not depending on circumstances. I saw two specific prayers answered today and it was fairly clear that it was not ME that instigated the outcome but it was God himself. And, I was not expecting to see answers this quickly.

HE has his own timetable because he is the one with the Big Picture and the Big Plan. He sees what is going on and wants to give good things to us. I think he chooses to release things when we pray. It’s not that he can’t do anything to resolve situations until we pray, he may just wait until we ask…kind of like a parent, right? He’s not a genie in the bottle that we control. Rather he waits until his loved children pray and then releases things to be so. Sometimes it looks way different than what we want, but it is still GOOD.

I am not sure if I’m making sense because I am so tired but I wanted to tell you that…

HE answers prayer.


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