Down but not out….yet.

English: Some old Canada Dry brand ginger ale ...

English: Some old Canada Dry brand ginger ale bottles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we are in the middle of November! The year 2013 is almost over, relatively speaking. How is that possible? Didn’t we just go through the turn of the millennium? All was dire and desperate, not knowing if we would all be ensconced in darkness or if the world would keep on ticking.

I was so young then. Just twenty-nine years old! There a few things that I had wanted to do before the launch of the new millennium…becoming a parent was just one of those things.

Who knew that thirteen years later, life would be like it is. I would not have imagined life as it is. Like most of those in their pre-parenting years, I had dreams and ideals. My kids would never do ____. My children will be great at ______. Etc. Etc…

Many of my ideals have changed as the years pass. I would not have my life any other way.

I have four kids who are so adventurous, lively, loud, eccentric, dramatic, loving, hopeful, funny and so much more. My quiet life was soundly interrupted just after the new year of 2002 when we got the call about being chosen by a couple. That call changed our lives.

Today has been an odd day. It’s been filled with coughing, sleepy children. One of my children caught it almost 2 weeks ago. We were fairly alarmed when he just lay down and didn’t want to get up for a week. It wasn’t mono or anything serious…unless you call the flu serious. This one could be for those with compromised systems. The fever lasts for DAYS without relief. The fatigue trumps all wish to do anything other than lay down. The sore throat and muscles…well, it’s just a really nasty bug.

Oddly, I have found that I have enjoyed the “relaxation” that it has brought. Most of the kids are as tired as I am and, while this is alarming in and of itself, it has been really nice. We’ve snuggled until we’re too warm to stand each other. When I lie down I know that most of the kids are laying down too. The house has almost seemed eerily quiet.

The hero in all of this is the man who I married. I am humbled by the love he shows us so very often. His thoughtful gifts of Ginger Ale, a rental movie, and Tylenol have been happily consumed. The fact that he can do most of his work from home with a computer and a phone (for a couple of days) has been a godsend to us. There is little worry of interruption because we are all lying half comatose in our beds or on the couch. I married a good, godly man.

Unfortunately, even heroes have their weaknesses. The fact that my man is human makes him susceptible to this flu as well. Tonight he was saying that he was so glad that God gave him two sermons this week because he may be getting sick.

I only hope that when my man gets sick that I will be as much of a godsend as he has been to us.

Let’s all raise our antibiotics and ginger ale and toast those that surround us in times of need.



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