Why I would Home Educate my children


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I have never been a great teacher. Truth be told, I never wanted to be a teacher….ever. I planned from early on to put my kids in any school that would have them. That was back in the eighties when everything was (ahem) awesome and safe. Oh, and before I had kids.

That being said, I learned that being a mom is absolutely also about being a teacher. I stand by the fact that I am not great at teaching. I cannot teach my kids how to organize anything worth a 2 cent penny. I hope that more pressing issues are being conveyed by my unconventional teaching way and that the Spirit of the Living God is at work in their lives to confirm this as well. Otherwise, they are up the creek without the metaphorical paddle.

As many of you may know, we decided to take our oldest child out of public school, last March, due to his many social and educational issues that have haunted him from the beginning. He is a truly wonderful child and loves to be with his friends. If you know anything about Asperger Syndrome, you know that friends are hard to come by when you have a social disorder. He has had some loyal friends in school who he considers close. There are others in the school who have not understood his “quirks” and have made his life a living nightmare. I won’t go into any of the details but suffice to say that the last straw was a very big one and we knew, without doubt, that it was time for full-time home schooling.

He has only ever talked about missing a few of his friends as being the biggest regret about home schooling full-time. Apart from that he has expressed many times how much he appreciates being at home and not having the pressures of living the nightmare that was school for him. I need to give credit where it is due and say that the teachers he has had over the years have done all that they can to make life as good as possible. However, there are limits to what a teacher, or even the administration, can do. Unfortunately, we live in a place where special issues are not valued and it has been highly frustrating for us to advocate for him for these past years. A huge load has been lifted from ME (much to my surprise) as my need for being his ever-present advocate has dwindled to talking to myself instead of the powers that be. Talking to myself I can do

If I were to take my other children out of school, and it may come to that soon, we have listed various other reasons about why we would make that decision despite my terror at the thought of having four at home with me all the time. Having them at home with me is not the problem, it is being organized enough to carry out the task of teaching them.

I am a Christian, who believes in the Bible as the Word of God. The public school has long been separating Church and State. A part of this was taking the Creation of the Earth and eradicating every part of the “theory” from the halls of education. I’m not sure why no one remembers that Evolution is also considered a theory as well? While I am not fine with this, I was living with it as a reality and making sure we taught our beliefs at home. When it comes down to it, I’m really not ok with this anymore. I believe that God made Science and he can peacefully coexist with it as the Creator.

Sex education has been taken to new levels in the public arena so I have also seen to it that we started early in teaching our children our values. I believe that God made sex for the enjoyment of a husband and a wife and that faithful marriage is where it should take place. I am not going to argue any semantics or theology with anyone and whether it makes me a such and such. All it makes me is someone who loves God, believes that he is LOVE and that he created us all for a purpose. We are teaching our kids to be loving and kind as an expression of our devotion to God. The schools do not have to ask parents for permission to talk about the many issues that arise in regards to sex.

There are SO many children out there being exposed to way too many things that children should not be subject to seeing or hearing. I am not being a prude when I say that. There are ratings on movies and games for a reason and I’m pretty sure most parents do not care to put their foot down when their children want to play or watch something. I won’t even speak to the stuff that parents are watching or playing in front of their children. This has affected our society on so many levels and it is clear in our schools. Kids are saying things to my kids in grade ONE that no child should know or have to hear.

While I think we are to be lights in this world of darkness, there is coming a point where I think that our children should just not have to deal with that mix of crap on a daily level for hundreds of days a year. I have been a big proponent of guiding children through the bumps and bruises that life brings them and I know that what doesn’t kill them can make them stronger…but what if it does kill your child? What if they come to the point of wanting to end their own life? I am betting that you would do almost everything you could do prevent that from happening to your child. When the spiritual darkness becomes so pervasive that it comes and steals your child’s soul without you even knowing…? Well, I don’t want it to happen on my watch.

To sum it up, we are becoming certain that we don’t want our children constantly exposed to things that we believe are lies. Everything we value is being devalued. Truth is relative…which means that if I believe it it must be true, no? Oh wait, I believe that there actually is an absolute truth.

I know that my children will eventually grow up and make their own decisions without me. I want to give them every tool they can acquire to handle this gnarly world when that happens. If we do decide to home educate them I will be happy to do it, despite my lacking abilities. I am pretty sure I am not too old to learn a few new tricks.

I don’t know when this will happen. I do know that it probably will. I would rather send them to a school that has at least some semblance of a balanced (and preferably biblical) worldview but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Disclaimer: Just because I have these particular views doesn’t mean that I judge others that have a different opinion than I. I am not the Judge. I am glad that our world has so many takes on similar subjects. It makes life interesting. Just know, that if I think you’re cool with your ideas and points-of-view, than cut me a little slack too if I think differently. Just sayin’.


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