Rolling out of the right and wrong side of the bed

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Redesigned logo used from 2011-present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all started, this fateful day, when I fell out of the right side of the bed and yet it felt like I had crawled out from under the wrong side of the bed. My bones were weary. My mind was a blank slate of nothingness.

“Mommy, where are my tie up shoes?” One asked.

Groggy, I replied “You mean the ones on your feet?”

“NO THE OTHER ONES ARE TOO DIRTY! I CAN’T WEAR DIRTY SHOES.” one shouted from a safe place.

“Grrr….mumble mumble….snort snort…I need coffee…. fix your own problems!”

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to have had the “wrong side of the bed” phenomenon today. Super.

Glazed, we made our way to VBS at church where one of them again said in a tone that only spoke of trouble to come. “Mom, I don’t think I can do this. Loud noises, people…sob!!”

Whoa boy, we’ve got a live one here!

Filtering (slowly) through the plans for the day, and knowing that the plans could go awry very quickly, I let the sobbing child off the hook for his afternoon appointment with the hair salon. No one wants to deal with that scenario so with one call to a friend and he would have that quiet corner to decompress in for the day. He was ecstatic to find out he would be the only child in a quiet house.

After VBS, all I had to do was drop one child off at the babysitters, one at a birthday party and then get to the city for a haircut or two. How hard is that? Not very…usually. Today, it started a cascade of events my slow working brain could not quite keep up with. I needed more coffee. Unfortunately, it seemed to be the last on my “to do” list for the trip to town.

Off we went, Birthday Party Girl, Haircut Boy (middle children) and I off into the countryside, directions in hand (but not a direction-sense bone in my body). I managed to be late by an awful lot and lost in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, an elderly man in a slow-moving quad sent me the right direction. Whew…maybe we’ll make it to the appointment on time? I was so terribly wrong. Every slow-moving vehicle and every stop light from here to the salon was sabotaging my very vain attempts to get us anywhere close at a respectable time.

Rattled and giving them the best sorry face I could,  the receptionist said “Since you were 20 MINUTES LATE the hair stylist walked away for a few minutes.” Crud. “But she’ll be back so don’t go anywhere.” Whew!

Looking and feeling better my middle guy and I trotted around the mall happy to show our new haircuts and buy some food for our rumbling bellies.

Now for the impossibly long list of “To Do”. The tasks were all extremely important and as we don’t get to town often I wanted to get them all done. My Handsome Dude accompanied me so cheerily with the trip into Wal^M!rt, where I forgot my intended return in the van, which I had parked an extreme distance away from the store. Back we went. After a short wait we were done that return and since we were so close to the next store I thought we’d walk…until I remembered I left the number of the printer ink info in the van. Back we trudged to the van. My super positive son kept me smiling.

At this point Handsome Dude was getting thirsty so we went to the magical wall of pop in Sobeys. When I grabbed a 12 pack of pop he kept trying to tell me “I only wanted ONE, Mom, not the whole box.”  He was so frustrated with me!! I admit it kind of made me smile at his frustration. Dude, you are getting one. BE HAPPY! He was not happy with me.

The time was rapidly approaching to when I needed to pick up my Birthday Partying Child, I realized I only had 3 more places to go. In and out. Out and IN. All I wanted, quite frankly was my cup of Starbucks and we weren’t leaving without it. I was breathing a sigh of relaxation as I inched up in the car line and dreamt about going to sleep at night, when my eyes whipped back to the sign across the parking lot. NO WAY!  I wasn’t done. I completely did NOT want to get out again. But again, I did. We had to get paint for Daddy to finish Little Handsome Dude’s room.

The day could not be over soon enough. WE were really late for birthday party pick up and here we were at the other end of a very frustrating town to drive through and rush hour traffic. Sigh.

We made it home, despite the Day that Went Against Us. Then Handsome Dude bragged to everyone that he got a whole pop. We usually split them. Ah yes, sibling rivalry. It’s not dead, I can tell you that!

I am going to bed now, not relieved that my day of crazy is over, but so thankful that we can have the sense of humor to remember all the crazy and laugh with each other about it. It may not be fun at the time, but we may as well tell the details with a flourish and smile after.

Here’s to tomorrow being a “right” kind of day.



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