Setting healthy boundaries and extending grace

If I said I was feeling a bit introspective what would you say? That I am having a case of PMS? You’d probably be right. I do tend to get a bit harsh with myself and others when those ol’ hormones start their switcheroo. Sometimes, I think I actually think a bit more clearly and without the inhibitions that are normally filtering my brain activity.

I have tried to process a relationship quandary in my life lately. When things change with people you love deeply it shakes you to your core. How do you respond when a relationship you counted on goes a completely unexpected but, ironically, totally expected way?

As someone who would love to show the love of Jesus in my life I wish I would be able to have a right response in every situation. I find myself floundering and flailing a bit. When you must draw boundaries when you know they will not be appreciated or respected and the other will draw wrong conclusions or likely be hurt and confused by them no matter the explanation, how do you go about keeping those boundaries?

I have always considered myself to be someone who doesn’t base my life on the opinion of others. The opinion that matters is the one that comes from my Creator. From there, other things should flow. Alas, I find myself questioning exactly what my response should be anyways. I want grace to flow from my lips and life and yet, at times it is very far from the case. In the last year, I have found that I indeed have based much of my life on what I had perceived other people  want from me. I am coming to a point where I have found my value in who God has made me to be and not in fulfilling everyone else’s expectations. I value so many people in my life and their opinions do matter some, but I cannot find my value in what they think of me.

We are all made so wonderfully different. We are all uniquely gifted and uniquely challenged in different areas.

I guess the question I have for myself (and you as well) is how do you draw healthy boundaries and extend grace at the same time?


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