A Really Good Cause

Mainstreet Canmore

Mainstreet Canmore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Me? Run?” Rolling on the floor laughing at the thought.

That would have been my response for fortyish years of my life. I have never been a person who cared for exercise. In North America we hear all the time that we need to exercise. Statistics are often thrown at us about how the risk for disease of every kind goes down when you are active.

Being active, to me, meant walking to my car and back. Doing laundry made me go up and down stairs, which is probably why my laundry pile is as bad as it is. I don’t like being active. It hurts.

Being as low physically, mentally and spiritually as I was last winter provided me with enough incentive to get my butt moving. I knew that I needed to move. I needed to do something drastic. I needed to sign up for something that would make me pay. I also needed to be smart and stay motivated.

I looked up 5 Km runs and found one in Canmore, Alberta. Who wouldn’t be motivated to run in those gorgeous mountains? It certainly helped to know I was going to be accountable to a few (like all my FB family and friends) people. I slowly let it slip that I was going to run 5 km. Some (a lot) of disbelief surfaced all around.

After a few months of sticking to it, I have family and friends who really think I will carry through. And I will. Hear that steely determination?

I thought, hey why not raise some money for the cause that the run promotes? What is it anyways? I totally should have looked it up before, but I was incredibly pleased that it was an organization that I could feel really great about supporting and asking others to support.

Cause Kids is an organization that helps girls receive an education in Sierra Leone. I think with all the advantages we have in Canada (and the USA) we forget that, around the world, there are children who don’t have the privilege of getting an education.


You can root for me by supporting this cause. I am doing something I rarely do and have pledged to raise $1000 in support of Cause Kids. I believe that I have generous followers out there and that $1000 is a pretty small chunk of change if everyone would give what they can. I know that there are a lot of you supporting many good causes and organizations so maybe you don’t think you can support this one more thing. Just think, instead of driving ALL the way out to Canmore, you can just contribute a little (or a lot) to Cause Kids and I’ll just pretend you are on the sidelines cheering me on. HERE is the pledge form where you can give money toward this great organization.

I hardly ever try to raise money for anything. I also never thought I’d jog or run for any reason…so people can change!


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