June 25, 2013…seems so long ago

I am excited to announce something so unlikely, so impossible, so….strange, that I can’t quite believe it myself.

I have been doing something I have hated all. my. life.


That’s right, I’ve been jogging. I have considered people who jog a little off their nut. When I’ve heard friends/relatives try to explain that they really like it I think they are officially bonkers. I haven’t said this out loud. I would just nod and internally promise myself never to fall for the trap they had fallen into. Don’t get me wrong, I have always had a deep admiration for any who took up this sport that I have found so unappealing. To do something like run for fun…well, that is just so out of my perception of “fun” that I can’t even tell you.

For years I have been hurting physically. Some times are far more painful than others, but overall, I’ve lived with pain over half of my life. This last winter, my determination to overcome it was amped up as I lay in my bed. I determined that I would get ready for next winter in a way that I have never prepared myself for before this. I was NOT going to just lay down and give up.

When the weather warmed up I got out my walking shoes and got out there. For a few years now, I have secretly thought about challenging myself to walk/jog a 5 km. When I read my cousin’s blog about her life with pain and how she had trained to run a 5 Km, the impossible didn’t seem so impossible any longer.



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