Typical Mushy Father’s Day Post Ahead…maybe

Five things I learned from my Dad are:

1. Take credit for your gaseous outbursts and be proud.

2. Make fun of others who have gassy outbursts because they should be ashamed of themselves!

3. Naps are not optional

4. Warm weather is preferable and if it’s hot outside keep it a comfortable 28C inside too so that you don’t get a chill from the a/c

5. Coffee breaks are integral to hard work.

Five things I learned from my Father-in-Law

1. Overalls are comfy and fashionable

2. Food is never too old.

3. Family is something to hold dearly, especially in a welcome Bear Hug or a parting Bear Hug.

4. Turkey is good for any celebration.

5. Big Alberta trucks are fun!

Five things I’ve learned from my Husband:

1. Casual is the new formal

2. Jokes can be appropriate at funerals.

3. Weddings can be places for lectures

4.  Holey shirts are trendy for ministers who work hard. Get it? Sorry.

5. Playing hard with your kids can be fun.

Seriously, these three men have been such a blessing to my life. I kind of poke a little fun at what they have taught me during the last lifetime, but in all honesty, I couldn’t have asked for better men in my life. As do all humans, they have faults just like any other soul. The wonderful thing about these men is that they are all living under the grace of God and have instilled godly values in their children.

To our Father in Heaven who will forever be the only perfect Father, be all the glory and honor. Thanks be to him for the Dads who are loving and kind. Be with all of those precious people who did not have honorable fathers and who feel awkward in celebrating this day. Embrace those that have lost their Daddies and miss them today. Thank-you for my Dad, who loved me and showed me so many treat aspects of life. Thank-you for my Dad-in-Law, who was a source of strength and leadership for my husband. Thank-you for helping me pick an amazing husband who tries so very hard to be a man of integrity and a Dad that is conscientious and loving.

Happy Father’s Day to you all.

Now, that wasn’t SO typical, was it?


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