Singing in the Rain

I love ball season! I love to see my kids doing what I was afraid of doing so many decades ago. I love seeing them line up to bat, correct their position and embrace the focus it takes to connect that bat with the little hard ball that is coming at them. I super like that my oldest chickie is using that steely grit, that she usually applies to me, on her ball skills. Seeing the determination radiating out of her eyes as she waits for it and puts her all in the effort, makes me a proud momma. She doesn’t ever have to be the best to make my heart burst. It’s in the trying and if she tries as hard as I’ve seen her try, then she’ll do just fine.

The Reverend, as I refer to him in my other blog, is helping to coach our oldest boy’s soccer team. He loves coaching and I like that he likes it. It also gives the two of them a chance to connect on a level that I don’t get to and I am just fine with that. Because he is busy coaching, I get to drive/supervise the other three in their base/softball endeavors. Unfortunately, it means I don’t get to see J-man do his thing. I’ve heard that he is really coming along nicely.

The other two are in a Learn to Play baseball that plays once a week (YAY!!) but it’s on the same day/time as my Belle (oldest girl). It’s a little tricky when we are having to travel with Belle, but it is so fun to watch the little ones play while they pick weeds, twirl in their spots and do everything but pay attention to the fact that someone actually hit the ball in their general direction. It’s awesome. Some of them really do pay attention. One of them is my Nate. He is stoked to get to play every time and itches to get the ball thrown or hit in his general direction. I can’t wait to see him play a more advanced ball as I really think he has some potential. Honey (my baby) is there because everyone else seems to think ball is great so why should she? She is the weed picker/twirler/run-to-get-spitz getter. Her attention is anywhere but the ball including when she has the bat. It could be her vision issues but it’s hilarious anyways. I hope you don’t hate me for thinking she’s adorable in her disability. We’ll find another sport eventually that fits her, like marathon running (I’m not kidding, the girl can run for a LONG time).

Keeping our kids active is a great motivation for signing them up for Baseball, Softball and Soccer. Following your kids’ interests, letting them have a social outlet (especially our homeschooled son) and having an opportunity to get better in a sport they love are also great reasons to sign them up. However, signing four kids up for activities on the same nights in three different sports is….insane. I didn’t know it then, but I know it now. Jokes on me…and my neglected house.

I do love Ball season. It signifies the entrance of sun, fun and activity. We get out of the house after a brutally LONG winter and actually see the neighbors who were holed up for 6-7 months (or at hockey, which we aren’t) and relax together while we watch our cute kiddos.

If it weren’t also the season for Field trips, appointments (when don’t I have those?), Father’s Day, landscaping, etc…it wouldn’t seem so nutty. I think I have a friend out there or two who will be surprised to hear from me when it’s all over. My family wonders if I am in the hospital and not able to communicate because it’s been so long. Sorry Mom!

Today, I am happy for the rain. It means we are slowing down, instead of packing up for a Softball Tourney, although they could still call it a go. I’m ok with that. It’s just the feeling that comes with rain. It causes us to want a hot chocolate, a blanket and a cuddle. I like that too.

Maybe it will mean my house gets vacuumed, because **shiver** it’s nasty in here.

For now, I’m “Singing in the Rain”.


4 responses to “Singing in the Rain

  1. It’s amazing to watch our kids and their talents and courage unfold… Have fun vacuuming!! 🙂

  2. every year I succumb to the lure of ball…and we suffer for it! Next year I will know better…right? I am one of THOSE mothers who is thrilled when the game gets cancelled!

    • “lure of ball” is the TRUTH, sister! I hope I remember the insanity before I sign up for another spring like this. Crazy. Belle’s had 2 tournaments cancelled b/c of rain now, so she is BUMMED. poor thing. I’m not.

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