Get moving!!

Chapter 4: "Desperation", illustrati...

Chapter 4: “Desperation”, illustration for Penrod by Booth Tarkington, page 30. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What makes a 40-something mom of four, who lives in the middle-of-nowhere, Alberta and who hates exercise, take on jogging? Desperation. That’s what.

If you don’t hate exercise, you don’t really know what I’m talkin’ about. Just imagine your most hated food or music or whatever-it-is and making yourself do it three times a week or more. I know, it’s pretty grim, right? If you had to then you’d do it, but if you didn’t? Would you? Probably not.

That’s exactly the place I’ve found myself. Desperate.

When you are a child, you just don’t think of yourself as a forty-two year old person. Goodness! I didn’t even think I’d see the ripe old age of 30. Yet, here I am in my rocking chair…oh wait…I meant, rocking in a corner, in a fetal position. My rocking chair went out with the baby crib. Too much room, too tiny a house.

So there I was rocking myself with too much pain and too little energy and I thought to myself that I should have taken up exercise much earlier because, darn it, it was going to be tough to get this big butt moving! I knew with a certainty, as if God had told me in a big booming voice, that it was move it or else.

I knew that he was talkin’ about more than just moving my butt. I knew that it meant “moving” in many areas. I have a propensity toward the feeling of being overwhelmed. It happens to me a lot. When I feel that way, I tend to just do nothing.

Doing nothing is not a choice I have anymore. Oh sure, I could just do nothing, but I am pretty sure I’d die there. So, I really don’t have a choice. Sad that it’s taken desperation to get me moving.

Let’s just keep it to exercise for now, shall we? I have a reason for that. It’s because for me to JOG means that a miracle has happened. I hate running, very much. I’ve been thinking about doing a 5 km for a while. I’d heard of the Couch to 5 Km a few years ago and thought to myself that if ever there was a person dedicated to the comfort of a couch, that was me. I love being comfortable. Couches are comfortable. So are squishy, huggable Mommies. But my kids will have to settle for a less squishy and more active mother. Sigh. The things they will have to give up!

The fact that internally I hate running so much and for me to almost register (I am going to before the June 15th deadline ok? Just a few details I must see to) and for me to actually say it out loud to more than one person? OY!  Scary miracle going on here.

By the way, if you want to jog (walk…you will be walking because that’s how slow I move) with me then please do email me at I will be taking down that email link so as not to get too many spam thingies in my email inbox. But seriously, if you want to witness a miracle in motion then either come and watch or commit to join me. One hint, it’s going to be in the mountains…

I”m so excited! I am calling it my God Run because it will take Him to get me there…every step of the way. And you know what? I don’t hate it that much on my third run.


3 responses to “Get moving!!

  1. That is HUGE! Way to go 0 I’m cheering you on from my couch! HA!

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