You knew that I wouldn’t leave you hanging without pictures and stories, right? It’s just that it was such an insane re-entry to our life on Mars, I mean Earth, when we came back that I wasn’t able to effectively put my thoughts back in Jamaica to tell you about it until now. Now, seeing the weather forecast for the next 24 hours, and it’s not looking good… I am making myself remember our beachy holiday, or else I might go crazy along with the rest of the Prairie people. Goodness!  It’s been a nasty winter.


This was what we left, when we took off for Jamaica. Unfortunately, we came back to more snow, and then more…and then even more. Spring is not even close to being sprung.


If I were a drinking kind of person and I had known the future (more snow and craziness upon our return to Canada)  and it wasn’t our first night there, I would have possibly guzzled this drink in one swift gulp. A cheery man named Henry, shouted out upon our arrival that he ” would bring us a special drink, Mon!” It was ironically called “The Night Off”. We both took sips and knew why it had that particular name.

We got to our resort on the wings of a bus, which carried us through the mountain passes on narrow roads, in the dark AND driving on the other side of the road. The bus driver told us right off that “We play ‘chicken’ here, Mon!” Had I not be forewarned I may have also have had a few beers that were passed around the bus. But since I was looking forward to the drive and I don’t drink, I said “No Thank-you”. I didn’t want to add a stop in the jungle on the side of a narrow, dark road to pee. It’s unlike me not to be anxious, so I revelled in the excitement of possibly playing ‘Chicken’ with other vehicles. Not really, but I wasn’t worried even one bit!


Our first supper was in a restaurant that was just feet from the ocean and had breezy white curtains swaying in the wind. It was completely open and the atmosphere seemed so fancy that our casual dress felt awkward. This was a lobster and shrimp dish with a carrot/beet salad on top of creamy mashed potatoes. I can almost taste it now.


Arriving after dark, we had no idea what anything looked like, including the ocean but we dipped our toes in the warm water and breathed in the tropical ocean air. It was dreamy! I think everything seemed more unreal and exotic that first evening because it felt so different than our lives. The pampering, the drinks being served at every turn, the happy faces of servers and fellow vacationers alike…it was surreal.


I pretty much put my feet up the entire time. I know, so boring. Who needs excitement when you have four kids and a cat at home? Really!  I didn’t know until I got there and started relaxing how much I truly needed this break. We should really have done this a very long time ago. Then again, I think we scared off our childcare, so we probably won’t be going again for a while.

We didn’t go off the resort at all. With the scuba diving, snorkelling, catamarans, kayaks, pools, beach….who needed to go anywhere? We had all we needed for those 6 gloriously refreshing days. I would do it again in a heartbeat. The only thing we lost was a camera cord…and maybe some skin because we burned it so bad.


Our last full day was our 20th Anniversary, which was a perfect end to our Favorite Vacation. The staff sent us cake (definitely their worst food we tasted there, but since it was all gourmet…who cares!) and champagne. Even if the cake wasn’t super tasty and we only drank one glass of champagne, it was delightful! We then spent our last evening having a romantic dinner by the beach. What we didn’t know beforehand was that the sand mites and mosquitos come out with a fury. Thankfully, my darling man, thought to bring insect repellant so we sprayed ourselves and our waitress down and enjoyed the rest of the meal…even the octopus floating in my soup! Now there was an experience!




This is just a quick summary of our relaxed adventures we had in Jamaica. What a wonderful way to spend a week with my One True Love. We had an even better time than we had imagined. Of course, we didn’t have time to imagine it before we left, but we didn’t even fight once!  That’s new for us. We usually have at least one misunderstanding per vacation.


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